You promised to bring your love the stars,
and the only way to get them
is by playing a song like sailing the sea...

Video by Matthias Mach (

Be the wave of music beneath your little boat
and make it jump to catch the stars coming your way.
But don't miss the fireflies to illuminate your
storm lamps so you can find your way through night.

Sail A Song is designed to be played listening to the music on your iPod.
Play with a single song, a track list or shuffle. If you don't have music,
you can always play listening to the main theme.


  • Beautiful illustrations
  • Full Retina Display support
  • Realistic physics
  • embedded iPod functionality
  • Great Ambient sound effects
  • GameCenter Support


    This game was made to crowdfund my new album
    and to celebrate the digital release of my acoustic album AHOI.
    If you are interested in my music,
    visit for more details (German).

    You can also support this crowdfunding at


    Send us a mail: info at sail-a-song dot com

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    Code, Concept & Sound: Wolfgang Müller (
    Illustrations, Screendesign, Artwork: Tina Polster (

  • This game uses some sounds from published under the Attribute license by
    juskiddink, volivieri, Kayyy, Benboncan, jswonger, cfork and schluppipuppie. Thank you very much!